About us

A "watershed is an area of land where all precipation drains to a common water body, such as a river or lake. It is often defined as "the area of land between two ridgetops." Lake County is made up of multiple diverse watersheds: Silver Lake, Upper Sycan, Upper Chewaucan, Warner, and Goose Lake.

 The Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council provides opportunities for Lake County landowners, both public and private, to restore or enhance their land through projects involving:

  • fish passage and screening, culvert replacements, irrigation structure improvements
  • forest health (juniper thinning and aspen stand enhancement)
  • spring and off-site water development
  • stream, wetland, and meadow restoration
  • riparian management 
  • stream reconnaissance plans
  • ridgetop to ridgetop restoration

Funding cycles for these projects take place twice a year, once in the SPRING and once in the FALL.

Current members of the Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council include: John Taylor, Roger Linton, Tom O'Leary, Matt Withers, Adam Schutz, and Pete Talbott.