Howard creek culvert replacement



The Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council, with funding provided by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, retained Cascade Stream Solutions to evaluate an existing culvert and prepare a fish passage solution for Howard Creek near Lakeview, Oregon. The existing culvert is a fish passage barrier due to the vertical drop at the culvert outlet. The proposed design included replacing the existing culvert with a streambed simulation pipe arch culvert to provide fish passage on Howard Creek.

The overall goal of the project was to provide fish passage on Howard Creek. Fish species with a high probability of using lower Howard Creek include Goose Lake redband trout, Goose Lake sucker, and Goose Lake lamprey. Each of these endemic species is classified as a state (redband) or federal species of concern. The culvert replacement is expected to improve watershed continuity and restore fish access to historical spawning and rearing habitats.

River Design Group collaborated with LCUWC, Green Diamond Timber Resources, and a local equipment operator to replace the culvert in 2015. The installed pipe arch was a 132 inch x 96 inch arch pipe that replaced the existing perched pipe. Streambed simulation material was acquired on-site and imported from a nearby source. A low flow channel was designed through the pipe arch to ensure low flow consolidation and fish passage. The channel was reconstructed upstream and downstream of the pipe to ensure stability and slope continuity.

Prior to this project several other culvert barriers located on private and public land were either replaced or removed from within this system to provide fish passage.  The end result was five miles of fish passage from the headwaters of the stream system to the valley below