Goose Lake Basin Stream Reconnaissance Plan

In 2015, the Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council and the Lakeview Soil and Water Conservation District received funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board to develop a complete field reconnaissance of the Goose Lake Basin, create a formal report outlining the exisiting conditions of reviewed streams, and develop a prioritization plan for potential restoration projects.

The reconnaissance evaluated thirteen streams and over 130 miles of stream on private and public land. The goal was to identify stream factors affecting stream channel function, fish passage issues, vegetation condition, and habitat that support native fish in the Goose Lake Basin.

A prioritized list of potential restoration projects was the result of this project, so that a restoration strategy for improving stream conditions in the Goose Lake Watershed can further be developed and implemented in the next ten years.   River Design Group Inc. headed project efforts and final results, while Lake County Resource Initiatives completed ground – trothing survey efforts.  The Fremont Winema National Forest conducted surveys on National Forest throughout the basin to coincide with efforts on private land.   

The following tasks completed during the reconnaissance.

• Evaluation of stream corridor conditions including channel morphology, instream habitat, and riparian and upland land uses and vegetation communities.

• Evaluation of potential fish passage impairment related to culverts, surface water diversions, low water fords, and other instream infrastructure.

• Documentation of weed infestations and potential contributing land use practices.

• Photographic documentation of stream corridor conditions.