Colleen Withers
Fiscal Administrator
Education Coordinator
Brandi Neider
Watershed Technician

Established in the mid-90s, five independent Watershed Councils were formed to represent each distinct watershed in Lake County. The Councils, made up of local residents, assisted landowners with watershed projects to improve and promote watershed health. Over time, the Councils merged to become the Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council. This group represents all of Lake County and encourages restoration of our watersheds from "ridge top to ridge top."

With the aid of many partners, the Council plans, secures grant funding, implements, and monitors watershed restoration and enhancement projects. For more information about the type of projects the Council may be able to help you with, navigate to the "WHAT WE DO" page.

Current members of the Council are:

Tom O'Leary, Chair, Silver Lake Community Watershed

Matt Withers, Sycan Watershed

Jack O'leary, Chewaucan Watershed

Roger Linton, Crooked Creek Watershed

John Taylor, Warner Basin Watershed

Pete Talbott, Goose Lake Watershed

Marci Schreder
Program Manager
Project Manager