Thomas Creek Forest Health Project

Project Description

 Collaborative partnerships, quality planning, followed by implementation make large scale restoration projects possible. Lake County forest health efforts began in 2016, focusing on the North Warner area. (See the North Warner Forest Health Project Highlight). Similar efforts in the Thomas Creek area have begun in 2019. Private landowners and agencies are working across ownership boundaries to promote forest health and fire resiliency.

Partners have secured federal, state, and private funding to conduct forest inventory, identify priority areas, and treat those areas through small tree thinning, juniper removal, slash treatments, and non-commercial logging. Such treatments benefit overall watershed health, timber and aspen stand longevity, fire resiliency, and the local economy. 

Project Partners

Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council, Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon State University Extension, United States Forest Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service 

Project Status

Thomas Creek Forest Health efforts were initiated in the spring and summer of 2019. Project partners worked to engage Thomas Creek landowners in the forestry survey/data collection phase of the project. Data has been collected and will be used to develop a treatment plan to be implemented in 2020. 

Thomas Creek Forest Health Partnership