North Warner Forest Health

Project Description

The North Warner Landscape covers 410,000 acres where private landowners and agencies are working across ownership boundaries to promote forest health and fire resiliency. Within this larger landscape, the North Warner Multi-Ownership Forest Health Project encompasses approximately 150,000 acres and focuses on dry forest restoration. 

This Project is unique due to the extensive stands of old legacy ponderosa pine intermixed with aspen and meadows, with greater sage grouse focal habitat immediately adjacent to the north and east. The landscape is at a severe risk of uncharacteristically intense disturbance due to heavy fuel loading and stand densities.

Treatment plans include small tree thinning, slash treatment, and non-commercial logging in these priority areas of mixed conifer, ponderosa pine, aspen stands, and juniper.

Project Partners

Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council, Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon State University Extension, United States Forest Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Klamath Lake Forest Health Partnership

Project Status

To date, 30 landowners are involved in North Warner Forest Health efforts. Over 26,000 acres of public and private forestland have been inventoried and treated. Phase I of North Warner Forest Health was completed in December 2019. Phase II of North Warner Forest Health seeks to treat another 17,800 acres in 2019-2021. 

North Warner Forest Health