About Us

Our community-based organization is a nonprofit here to help plan, secure financial support, and implement restoration projects that benefit Lake County landowners, land, water, and wildlife.


Stream & Riparian

 Maintaining water resources for our agriculture community and native fish populations is important to the Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council. Working cooperatively with landowners and agency partners can lead to a win-win scenario where efficient irrigation and watering systems are implemented, while benefiting native fish species and overall stream channel function and health.


Forest Health

 Juniper expansion has shown a negative impact on forage production, wildlife habitat, fire cycles, and overall watershed functions. Treatment options are available to reverse this trend. Forest health projects are NOT just limited to juniper removal. Treatment can include pine and aspen stand enhancement as well. 


Education & Consultation

 Lake County Umbrella Watershed Council Project Managers can help you develop a project and connect you to valuable resources. Whether you already have ideas about your land and waterways or not, the first step in any watershed restoration or enhancement project is consultation.  The Council also provides education activities for youth and adults throughout Lake County. We connect youth and landowners to experts in the field to provide information about natural resources, watershed function, restoration techniques, and more.